Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Chuck Koscher (President)

Deborah Lane-Olson (Vice-President)

Vickie Brown (Secretary)

Michael Coe (Treasurer, non-voting)




 Bob Gilchrest

 Vickie Brown

 Dana Jensen

 Holly Kempner

 Terry Olson

 Peter Langan

 Chuck Kosher

 Nash Pradhan

 Deborah Lane-Olson

 Phill West 

 Ted Stone

 Jonathan Zwick

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The Norfolk Curling Club (NCC) is a two-sheet curling facility located at 70 Golf Drive in Norfolk, CT. Established in 1956, we are a nonprofit organization, run entirely by volunteers, supported by membership dues and income from special curling events. The club is a member of the Grand National Curling Club of America (GNCC) and the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA).

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